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In our day to day life from bank to post office, from electricity board office to municipality or to telephone exchange to schools or colleges. We use to see the long queues of people standing in the hot sunny days or in the rainy seasons  waiting for there turn to pay the bills or fee etc. This looks like a worst experience of each and everyone of us.

Nowadays, in the era of digital India, there are the solutions for every problem. Not only the problems been solved digitally, but digitalisation is also became a part of life. So why not there must be some solution for the payment of different bills in a single platform.

Conveniently, citizens of the country can pay their bills and get their receipt online. There has been a time when it was difficult to pay a bill online, especially the problem of remembering the username and password, the problem of website server etc., but it has been replaced by a new system.

Government of India’s digital India programme is now implementing the same idea of payment of bills in a single platform with a revolutionary system named “BHARAT BILL PAY SYSTEM”.

Bharat Bill Pay App

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Bharat bill pay system (BBPS) is a coordinated bill payment system in India that provides customers the convenience of paying different types of bills or fees etc. Bharat Bill Pay System “is the system based on the concept of Reserve Bank of India and operated by National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI).

In one convenient manner. With this, the customer can get the different bill payment methods and instant confirmation of the payment. The guidelines for setting up this system were released by Reserve Bank Of India on November 28, 2014.

This system is 100 percent safe, comfortable, reliable and easy. Bharat Bill pay is a great and trustworthy gift given by the Government of India.


In this system, along with payment of bill, facility is given to get receipt and look for transitions, you can get the receipt immediately by paying the bill, and you will not be charged for any different transaction charges! You can save your money in it!

Even though there is a long list of billers, this facility exists through this system that you do not need to find your bill and its details more, you can directly pay directly with your bill information.

Through this, both online and offline bill payment facility has been given! Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bank Mobile App, Digital Wallet, Bhim UPI App Website, etc. are being provided for online payment! A network of registered agents, grocery stores, and bank branches is spread out for offline payments.


Today, this is the era of mobile phone applications. Where you have to click on a single button and you can get the food at home, you can purchase the things you want etc etc. But why can’t you pay all your bills in a single app? Yes, there are some apps where you can pay your bills but you have to pay the extra amounts in those apps. Why there is no android or ios system where we can pay the bills in a single app?

Bharat Bill Pay App Download

This problem has been solved by the  Digital India initiative being undertaken by the government of india is the indian government’s Android Applications. One of them is Umang App, this app provides the different applications of Government of india in a single platform, through this app, you can fill your utility bill by sitting at home. You can use “Bharat Bill Pay App” for the payment of different bills and fees.


Bharat bill pay system is one of the revolution by the fastest growing economy in the world. Today the whole world is growing with digitizing the various manual systems. So why not the payment of bills can be digitized? As bills are the part of our day to day life. “Bharat Bill Pay System (BBPS)” is the best example of this revolutionary change. This initiative taken by the Government of India will always be remembered as the greatest change in the system of payment of bills.

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